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Will the clutter Ever END: Still making money on my junk

February 19th, 2006 at 07:51 pm

Tore through the basement over the weekend finding boxes that can't be used for moving (too big, too broken, too dirty) and took them for recycling. Snagged all of the copper piping that has been sitting in a box since who knows how when and recycled that, too. $1/lb. in our area.
Books that were listed on half.com for $1 and have been there for a month, I've taken off my listings and will donate to the library and friends. No money made, but goodwill from the universe created. Wink
I never knew a house could get so dirty. I have been out of commission for about 3 months for pregnancy-related sickness/fatigue and decided it was high time to DUST! What a mess. I went through all of the windowsills, most of the woodwork in the house and wiped down almost every flat surface that dared to get in my path! I was a maniac. The mirrors were polished, even the kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Mopped the basement and cleaned the shower downstairs. My house is feeling loved and sparkly and I'm just glad it's finally getting done.
The weekend also included a few home improvement projects, so I set myself down to learn how to grout. There were areas in our bathroom floor tile that had been taken up that needed to be re-affixed and grouted, so off to the home improvement store I went. After affixing the loose tiles, I had to wait until they dried before using a sponge to spread in the new grout. To be honest, I was quite terrified of this project, because I didn't want to screw it up, but it actually looks quite nice.
The garage still needs some sprucing up/organizing/de-cluttering, but I think I'll wait until the weather gets a bit warmer.
I look around at all that we have and I just can't believe how lucky we've been in our lives. I am so very grateful and I couldn't have done it without the angels in my life.
I'm still pursuing some educational possibilities to increase my income long-term and will start carrying this quote with me that I picked up from "Secrets of Six-Figure Women":

"Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers: Grow! Grow!" - Talmud

Till the next time,

Money from a clutter clean out and feng shui for wealth

January 25th, 2006 at 10:18 am

My DM/DF had an estate sale last weekend and I had included many of the things I didn't want to move this summer. I made $500 and didn't have to do anything more than clear out the clutter! I had to laugh when my DM told me that people didn't want to pay $5 for a box of Christmas decorations, but they were willing to pay $.50 for each individual decoration which made the whole box sell for more than $12! A china set I couldn't sell on eBay for more than $200 went for $300 (made me VERY happy) and I just can't believe all of that stuff that I never used was worth half of my emergency fund! Yes!

D.S. broke the tea kettle the other day. The next day, my darling parents came over with a new kettle... very large, and very shiny. As a throw back to my feng shui studies, shiny kettles are good for stoves and prosperity and this is an especially good place for one on our stove because it provides the cook with a view of those entering from the back door (so they can't sneak up on you). Since the new kettle, I've received $100 owed me from a friend, $150 DH owed me, the $500 from the estate sale and sold a $45 book off half.com. Oh, and DH got an unexpected $3 from a survey in the mail. Smile We're also thinking we'll probably get a tax return this year (W-2's haven't shown up yet, so this is a rough guess) which means I'll hopefully have $2,000 in my emergency fund by the time April rolls around. I am so excited!!!
Yay clutter control!