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Help?! Moving to Seattle - need info

May 23rd, 2006 at 04:33 pm

If anyone has recommendations for life in Seattle, we'd love to hear your comments. We're relocating and will be living just NE of downtown (not too far). Since everyone on this site tries to get the best bang for the buck, we're wondering who you use for:

-cable internet (faster than DSL)
-renter's insurance
-car insurance
-which brick and mortar sp? bank (low fees, no monthly fees, etc.)
-anything else?

We don't have cable and won't start when we move...and I think gas and garbage will be paid by the landlord. I've never been to the Northwest, so have no idea which companies to even start looking at. Someone from that area sent me an email from Comcast.net, so I'll start there for cable internet, but golly, there's a lot! AND.. it doesn't help that we're already going to be paying double in rent what we're paying for our mortgage. Life in the big city, I guess!

Thanks for reading!

7 Responses to “Help?! Moving to Seattle - need info”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I'd be happy to share info about the Seattle area. I've lived outside the Seattle area most of my life, but have worked in Seattle for years.
    PM me if you'd like, we could discuss life here in the Pacific NW at length

    I use Comcast for net, TV and phone. Cheapest in my area.
    Insurance: I have found AAA to be the most inexpensive option for me, for home, renters, as well as auto
    I have recently left Bank of America......way too many errors for me and have settled with Washington Mutual. Not as many branches, but so far, terrific service & no fees, plus free online banking.
    Electric bills, you won't have a choice as to who has the contract for your area. I'm PUD (public utility district), can't remember who has the greater Seattle area.... but if you're renting, the landlord will have all that for you.

    Welcome to Seattle!! It is a fabulously beautiful part of the country to live in!

  2. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Welcome to Seattle! I also use Comcast but it depends which company services your area (Wave Cable has some of the coverage on my side of the pond). Same with electric, garbage, etc. I use Washington Mutual because there are no fees, online banking and lots of branches near where I live. As for insurance, call around and get quotes; maybe ask you new neighbors who they use.
    P.S. Pikes Place Market is really expensive for fruites, veges, fish, etc. Check out Chinatown (except for Uwajamaya) for excellent excellent fresh food deals.

  3. baselle Says:

    I live (and blog) in North Seattle. When are you coming, and where have you found a place? If you get comments popped in your email, you should get my email address.

    City of Seattle for electricity..We use electricity everything here, including heat. (hydropower from the Columbia River)
    I use Washington Mutual (WaMu). I heard okay things about Wells Fargo. Some of my friends have had problems with Bank of America. US Bank ATM fees will bleed you dry. Seriously.
    Actually, I use DSL, so I can't help you with the cable.
    Yep, housing prices are insane. Rents have gone up a bit for some of my friends. They haven't gone up for us in 5 yrs.
    For food, use a price book. I've gotten deals even at Uwajimaya. Smile Some of the best deals come from little fruit and produce stands (Rising Sun, Lenny's, Viet Wah) but pick around and look at the produce closely.
    If I remember right, you seem comfortable with public transportation. You are in real luck there. Seattle has fabulous public transit and Flexcar.

  4. baselle Says:

    NE of downtown. Capitol Hill? First Hill?

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Wells Fargo is a very good bank. WaMu, as other have said, too. We've banked with Bank of America for years and never had a problem, but they were better when they were SeaFirst Bank, before they got bought out, and we are down now to only their credit card. We are also loaded for credit unions around here, almost always a better option.

  6. jorge Says:

    Ah, thanks everyone!!!!! We're going to be around View Ridge or something like that (I'm still getting used to all of the new names). But from what I can tell after my "trying to find an apartment" experience, VR is closer to downtown than many other areas that were in our price range. That whole having kids and a family sure puts a damper on cheap rent! Ha! Now, had it just been DH and I ... we could have maybe found a one bedroom that was equal to what our mortgage is in the midwest. And Baselle, you have a good memory. I love public transport. With the baby coming soon, I've been hitting up my grandmother for stories on what it was like when she had little ones and only one family car that my grandpa always used. I hope the Seattle-ites don't mind baby carriages on buses. Smile

  7. baselle Says:

    Wow, Jorge. View Ridge itself is a bit on the swanky side. Smile Its just north and east of the University of Washington. And the 71 is going to be your best friend...


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