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Selling real estate

March 2nd, 2006 at 06:56 am

Our housing market is really starting to break open right now and everyone has convinced me that I need to put the house on the market before I leave. I've been really rotten to DH and DS about them leaving clothes in piles on the floor, leaving the kitchen a mess and not picking up after themselves in general, but it just feels like it goes in one ear and out the other.
I've been involved with selling 4 houses and DH hasn't had to sell any. In my experience, immaculate houses sell for better prices and quicker. Tell me if I'm wrong here!
I am frustrated that all my scrubbing on counter tops and bathroom fixtures will be for nothing because my boys can't keep things tidy. And they're mad at me because I keep telling them what it is they need to do!
There's another pile waiting by the door to go to the Salvation Army and hopefully by weekend's end, I'll have almost everything gotten rid of that we want to get rid of and the stuff that isn't necessary packed up so that the house looks bigger and there's less stuff to keep clean.
After that, I suppose I'll just need to let it go while I'm gone and hope that they do what I ask. On the other hand, maybe I'll spend the money on peace of mind and have a cleaning person come in once a week while I'm gone. Ha! Now there is an idea.

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