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Travel Expenses and Silly Musings

February 28th, 2006 at 06:43 am

I leave in about 9 days for Spain and trying to figure out how I'm going to be frugal while there. Found a shared apartment for 350 Euros for the month, but doesn't include washer/dryer. So laundry will be an expense. Also, I don't want to eat out and I have kitchen access, so I'll try to do a daily shopping excursion for fresh fruits, fresh breads and cheeses. Meat leaves me feeling sick these days, but it does help to lower expenses!
We had a voucher for 50 Euros from the last time we flew NWA which helped with the ticket price... and I'm not going to bring anything back except postcards - I just can't afford it if we're starting to live on our savings in April. Besides, no one really Needs anything anyway.
I'm taking the next year off for our little one that is on the way and as I've written before, to sell our house and get us moved 4 states away.
I donated a huge box of books to our library the other day and I'll bring another big pile of children's books today. It feels soooooo goooooddd to give people things that they can use.
My mom is coming to see us for 2 weeks and said she'll help get the house ready - wow! I'm very glad! DH works a lot and DS needs direction, so my mom will be a huge help since I'm not supposed to paint and lift heavy things. What a random entry today - I think there is just a lot going on and it's hard to keep track of everything - maybe it's time for a list!
Worked with two contractors for quotes on fixing a few things around the house and I think I'll divide the job between the two. Now I just need to find someone to let them into the house since DH will be working, DS in school and I'll be away at school.
I've been reading about Huna lately and like this concept of not thinking anything bad or negative and how it helps your total outlook on life. I've been trying to keep track of negative thoughts and there really are a lot of them sometimes! Thoughts that include "can'ts" or "not possibles" or just thinking bad about someone before I've ever met them - judging in other words. Like women who wear a lot of diamonds have always been on my "judgement" list because so many diamonds are blood diamonds and I can't see how anyone would ever want to wear them unless they came from Canada or were fakes. Someone once told me that when we encounter someone we don't like, it's that they remind us of parts of our person that we have chosen to not include in our life. So when I see someone overspending and automatically create dislike for them, it's because I don't like it in myself when I spend money on things considered "non-essential." Interesting, I think.


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