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Taxes, Cost Basis, and a Raise

February 27th, 2006 at 12:04 pm

Worked on taxes more this morning and all I have to say is that I am a wuss and TurboTax is my friend. I could have handled a simple 1040EZ, but when I start adding in interest and dividend income and figuring stock sales, etc., I'm out of my league. I'm learning a lot and I hope I do everything right! I've been using an accountant for years because I owned rental property and never could trust myself with depreciations, etc., etc. Now that the rental property is gone, TurboTax is my step into the "real world" of doing my own taxes.
I need to find the cost basis and acquisition dates on three stock sales last year and then we'll be almost set to submit our return. Boy will that be a good feeling!
When we're living overseas, I'm not sure how we'll end up doing taxes. Does anyone know? Does an American citizen not living in the U.S. need to file taxes (not being military, that is)? We'll be in the EU and I'm hoping there are some conventions in place so that we won't be double taxed on our income.
My raise came through and it's an awesome 5%. The major bummer is that I'm almost done with work so that I can batten down the hatches and get our house sold and our stuff packed up for the BIG MOVE. It really was a very nice raise on my pocketbook. *sigh*

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