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$$$ in the mail!!!

January 30th, 2006 at 07:31 pm

I am so excited! There are three debts that I have/had. One is the mortgage, one is a private loan that could be considered an equity loan and the other was a private loan for college costs.It's a "was" because, well, my debtors (i.e. loving grandparents) decided that they could afford to forgive my student loan! I got the letter in the mail today. Holy smokes. That's just awesome. Which means... that way back in August when I made the goal of paying at least $3K towards my debt by February 2006 has been met. Granted, I was only actively involved in putting a little over $1K in the pot, but everything counts if it lowers the balance! Yipppeeee!!!! This bumps up my net worth by $11K.

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