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The stench - how to get rid of odors?

January 9th, 2006 at 01:28 pm

This is a desperate cry for help. Our grey water sewer backed up a few weeks ago and the goose grease stuffing that caused this fiasco (and our guest's lack of knowledge about garbage disposals...) have created quite a perfume in our basement. I've had the carpets cleaned. I've washed the concrete areas with soap and water... next will be SCRUBBING those areas with a handbrush... our lava rocks don't work to soak up the stench, essential oils don't help, baking soda hasn't helped (but I haven't tried keeping a few open boxes in the downstairs, just sprinkled it around...hmmmmm), I'm in my first trimester and I generally don't use anything but biodegradable/non-toxic anyway. Even so, I can't use anything that might cause the wee one harm.

The smell makes it an exciting challenge to get laundry done (throw the clothes in the washer as quickly as possible! and run back up the stairs) and my son's play area has been eclipsed by - yuck, THE SMELL! Can't even line dry clothes in the basement because they soak up the odor. I feel like we could make a horror movie. The only one in the family that doesn't mind is the pooch. But she's generally not a good judge of smells... I've watched her roll in horse, bird and cat excrement and have the pictures to prove it. (kidding about the pictures).

We'll be listing the house in a handful of months for sale. The de-cluttering is in its last stages, but if this smell does not go away, I will not be able to smell er... Sell the house. Okay, okay, I may be exaggerating a wee tiny bit due to large hormonal increases, but the other two males in the house can smell it as well, just not quite as intensely... Smile

And yes, I'll warn future owners of future possible catastrophes involving the disposal and drain!

On a more financial note - these stock price increases are the bomb. I've made the $50K net worth mark and am ecstatic.

6 Responses to “The stench - how to get rid of odors?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure I can help, but have you tried vinegar? It's excellent for soaking up odors. Just leave out a cup (or in your case maybe a bucket? LOL) for a day or two and that usually does the trick for me. If this doesn't work, and the smell is still lingering then it may be coming from the offending pipes??

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm not sure if this would work, but worth consideration. Have you thought of going to a janitorial supply place and asking for an enzymatic cleaner/deodorizer? I know it neutralizes pet odors in carpets. We found some that was used by several kennels in town and it took all the smell out of our carpets. Your situation sounds like a much larger scale, but someone at the supply place might be able to point you in the right direction.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You know, this is a strange thought. If you are in a big city, with a (eep!) murder/suicide rate, there are companies that will clean up the remains. I'll bet they've smelled and cleaned worse and can give you a little advice.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks to you for suggestions!!!! I'm using vinegar with the sprinkled baking soda on the concrete areas (most chemical reactions look very impressive and it works great for my sinks, right?), then I'll leave out a bowl of vinegar and some boxes of baking soda to hopefully absorb the rest of the aroma. If THAT doesn't work, then I'll either call the janatorial supply folks or the cadaver cleaning crew! Or maybe both. Smile

  5. Anonymous Says:

    First trimester?? Congratulations!!!! Big Grin

  6. Shannon Says:

    Please help me with suggestions as to how to destroy this disgusting smell of cat urine in my concrete basement from previous owner!

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