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Budget for February

February 1st, 2006 at 04:04 pm

Went shopping today and spent my $50 for the week that I allocate to personal spending. Also cleaned out the piggy jar and instead of depositing it into ING like I was Supposed to, I spent it on a few things for the house. I guess I'm feeling rich with the money from my sale arriving soon and having no more student loan debt. Ah well. Cercis inspired me to go buy a box of henna, so that was how I spent the remainder of the morning. I always buy a box color called, "Sunset Glo" and like the red highlights/shine it gives my hair. Spent $3.49 on the box, though, which sounds expensive compared to Cercis brand!
Purchased some shampoo, body gel and conditioner from the organic food store. We have a nice one in town that offers cosmetic products along with groceries. They even have dog and cat food!
Anyhow, everything is biodegradable, no sodium laureth sulfate, etc., no animal by products and not tested on animals. My kind of stuff. And then, I prostituted myself to the gods of fashion and bought some Matrix sculpting mud. I've tried products that are from the cheap chains and they either give me an '80's look, or they clump, flake, or generally reduce my hair to ruin.
So, back to that budget stuff.
With the 40 must-haves/30 wants/20 savings plan, I haven't really felt the need to track spending, but I'm quitting my job the end of February and need to know where we're at without my salary.

$20 for emergency cell phone
$45 for DS's music lessons
$15 DS's allowance
$200 for my spending money
$150 to savings

And I suppose that almost does it for what I spend my money on outside of what I put into our household account. Our household budget reads more like this:

$80 for gas
$80 for electric/water/sewer
$600 mortgage
$100 "second mortgage"
$25 phone
$45/3 months for waste disposal
$400 groceries including dog food and paper items even though I don't buy a lot of them at the grocery store
$25 for landline
$50 account for car repairs
$75 account for house repairs

We're making good money right now, and our must-have's are at 40% with our combined salaries, so it won't be much of a hit, but I think I'm going to miss earning my own money.
I'm taking a month to go learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages and am really looking forward to the training and subsequent life changes. All is going well so far this year!

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  1. cercis Says:

    I'm actually trying to remember the price, it's been a while since I bought. I use "Light Mountain Natura" and I don't use a lot, I mainly concentrate on the gray and don't worry about the dark, so the package which is supposed to be 1-2 applications is generally 3-4 (even with my long, thick hair).

    I also make sure to let it set forever, so that I can get the most out of it. One of my friends suggests using the old fashioned bonnet hair dryer - to allow the pores in the hair to open and "take" the henna better, but I don't have one.

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